“The Child” ArtPrize 2012


 We will simply tell a story.
It is the story of “The Child.”
This child was a victim… who became a victor



To empower our community to end the sexual exploitation of minors, The Manasseh Project has developed a campaign for ArtPrize 2012. The campaign will focus on the 6 of the driving factors of commercial sexual exploitation. Included at each venue will be concrete steps to engage the problem—from awareness to action.

To end human trafficking, we must eradicate its root causes.

Relational Gaps
Substance Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Runaway Youth


 Look for our large entry
at east end of the Blue Bridge.


The talented Johnny Clauson (WaterPrize, 2010 and Yamkela, 2011) constructing “The Child”.


 The story of ‘The Child’ is the story of Leslie King,
Founder/Director of Sacred Beginnings


Leslie was sexually exploited—a victim of human trafficking—in Grand Rapids, MI.
Her story will be told through 7 different pieces created by artist Johnny Clauson (WaterPrize, 2010 and Yamkela, 2011). ‘The Child’, our ArtPrize entry, will be a childhood portrait of Leslie King (read her story) painted on a 4 x 8 sheet of glass. That glass will then be shattered, the pieces suspended from a frame. The image of the child will be visible, but a stark reminder of the devastating effects of sexual exploitation will remain.

However, ‘The Child’ represents a place of arrival, not the destination. To walk our community through the journey, we will partner with six businesses in downtown Grand Rapids to display pieces (not official ArtPrize entries) related to each of the six different root causes of sexual exploitation.


 This revolutionary campaign
will take thousands of volunteers.


Each of the six street stations will focus on engaging ArtPrize patrons through street-level, family-friendly methods. Red Balloons with the Manasseh Project logo will be handed out to children to enhance their ArtPrize experience. Their parents will have the time and space to interact with the piece. Adults will be given a postcard with more information on the root cause, including prompts to online content. On ArtPrize weekends, we’ll also be handing out water to patrons.

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