Uniquely Equipped

  Sacred Beginnings Outreach Team

Sacred Beginnings Outreach Team

Sacred Beginnings is uniquely equipped to reach and rescue women enslaved in exploitation/trafficking because:

  1. We are survivor-led. Our team earns trust because we know what it's like to live in fear and without hope.

  2. We reach victims where they are at. Our team braves the street corners, alleys, and motels of our city to bring light to the dark.

  3. We are leading change. Sacred Beginnings is a sought-after partner for government agencies, legislators, law enforcement, and health care professionals.


Undeniable Impact


Leslie and our team of Survivor Sisters hit the streets of Grand Rapids three times a week—rain or shine—searching for women trapped in exploitation and prostitution. During these outreach efforts, our team:

Distributes Blessed Bags filled with personal care items, Scripture, food, and water.

Hands out contact cards with Leslie’s personal number to call when they’re ready to leave the streets.

Prays with each woman.



Rescued from the street, victims move to Sacred Beginnings’ transition home. Since 2005, Sacred Beginnings has served 600 women. We currently operate two transition homes in Grand Rapids. They are led and staffed by survivors, providing a safe place to heal—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our holistic approach includes:

+ Detox through partnering organizations
+ Trauma counseling with certified social workers
+ One-on-one peer mentoring with a fellow survivor
+ Group therapy
+ Life skills coaching
+ Optional Bible study and spiritual discipleship
+ Education and career counseling


Survivor Story

I walked through the doors of the Sacred Beginnings alone and afraid—and with six months to live. Six years later, I am clean. I am alive. And I am at peace.

How I wish that other women that I have known that have succumbed to the depths addiction and illness could have found this before the end—and not have died hopeless and alone!

Thank you to my Heavenly Father and to Miss Leslie for loving me when I didn’t and couldn’t love myself.

– Katherine