Grand Rapids is a growing city, bringing more business and activity each year. This growth also brings along with it more sex trafficking. Home Base will be the first drop-in center in Michigan to work directly with these victims, filling a long overdue need.

We also know many victims are afraid of being judged. Due to shame and guilt, it is difficult for them to go to agencies for help. Additionally, many agencies are on the outskirts of the city. The proposed location of Home Base is in the South Division Corridor, easily accessible near main bus lines, and in the midst of the corridor's business activities.

"Because victims like myself have trust issues, when they walk into the center they're going to see a survivor, someone who has been where they've been—not a police officer, not a social worker. They know we understand so they can relax, be open and honest. We will be the liaison, smoothing out the transition for them to receive services."

Leslie F. King