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What is HOME BASE?

Opened in 2021, Home Base is the first center of its kind in Michigan to offer drop-in services to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our transition homes provide safe havens for healing and recovery while Home Base provides a space for those actively being victimized to receive support and resources.


Home Base is a safe space where victims know they won't be judged or shamed. Our peer support specialists are survivors who understand the complexities of being trafficked and can help bridge the gaps between victims and service providers.

In addition to expanding our services at Home Base, the center also provides a sense of security for victims, deters traffickers, and acts as a community hub for combating the horrors of human trafficking throughout West Michigan.

Pink Blossom

Because victims like myself have trust issues, when they walk into the center they're going to see a survivor, someone who has been where they've been--not a police officer, not a social worker. They know we understand so they can relax, be open and honest. We will be the liason, smoothing out the transition for them to receive services.

Leslie King-Friday

City Intersection

Victim serviceS

Home Base is a welcoming space that offers:



  • Social enterprise partnerships

  • Educational workshops

  • Collaboration with other aligned agencies

  • Survivor-led trainings

  • Job/life skills

  • Employment opportunties

  • Quiet space to read, write, reflect

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